America's Pets Also Hate Sarah Palin's New TeeVee Show


[youtube expand=1]

Yes, even this dog hates Sarah Palin's Alaska, a terrible reality show (also known as "a reality show") that premiered last night on The Learning Channel, a channel for the willfully ignorant. Why do pets hate this show? Well, for the usual reasons someone would dislike Sarah Palin, probably. But even this, her own show, makes this woman look like a strange, awful human being.

Here are her family values on display! Even though this boy that Willow brought over recently ate lunch, she should make him some anyway, because she is a woman and there is a sizable kitchen in this house. Then, while Sarah is pecking illegible Twitter messages on the family Gateway, she tells Willow that the boy cannot go upstairs with her to her room, a parenting tactic she apparently only discovered recently. Sarah, however, is not very good at enforcing it.

[youtube expand=1]

You can also go here for a few more terrible clips if you want to ruin the simple pleasure of television for yourself forever. The opening credits and theme song are the entire playlist, on loop, in Hell! [YouTube]


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