America's TeeVee Journalists Being Swallowed By Angry Egyptians


Don't these Egyptians realize they're supposed to provide a nice backdrop for these newscasts and stop moving around so much? Ignore the Americans in their safari shirts. Sure, you should kill each other in the back of the shot. That's great. But stay a safe distance away.

This same thing happened to Christiane Amanpour too, even though to most Americans would think she'd fit right in with these browns. Yes, these Egyptians "hat" Americans. "We WANT Mubarak," some guy says. Hmm, defensive much?

So that's two out of three of the broadcast news agencies getting swallowed whole by these Egyptians. But what about Brian Williams? Has anyone seen him? No. That's because he has infiltrated these mobs and been taken in as one of their own, for he is WILLIAMS of ARAAAAABIA!

[CBS News via Gawker/Gawker]


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