America's Worst Governor, Drunken Idiot Jim Gibbons, Can't Wait To Celebrate His Loss!


Leering imbecile and national embarrassment Jim Gibbons has certainly made his mark on Nevada -- what with thebungled rape attempts and death threats and public divorce war with his hilarious wife and the Mexican slaves hidden in his basement and his inept corruption and basically not showing up to work for his entire term -- but now the bloated idiot and mean-spirited mouth-breathing turd is facing a primary he can't even be bothered to pretend to want to win.

Gibbons said on television, "I am going to celebrate if I don't win the primary," Gibbons said. Why? Because he "can't go down to the store to buy a couple of tomatoes" without running into people "who want to tell you their unemployment check didn't arrive today, that their welfare check should have been more."

Tomatoes. Is that what he calls a couple of gallons of vodka?

So he's ready to celebrate, along with the rest of us, when he loses tomorrow. The only thing better than a very solid beating by his fellow Republicans in tomorrow's primary would be if he passed out drunk on the toilet tonight and wasn't found until January. Good-bye idiot, we hope!


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