Ammon Bundy Gets Big Dumb Self Arrested Twice In Two Hours, No Kink-Shaming
Video screenshot, Emily Walton on Twitter

Anti-government extremist and virus-freedom activist Ammon Bundy got his big stupid liberty-loving ass arrested twice in the space of two hours at the Idaho Capitol Thursday, which as far as we can tell is a new personal best for the High Country Grifter. Bundy was banned from the statehouse last summer after leading anti-mask and general pro-coronavirus protests that interrupted a special session of the state legislature, but we guess he had an important point he wanted to make.

The AP notes the arrests marked the "fourth and fifth times" he's been arrested since last summer, and that it "wasn't immediately known why Bundy was at the Statehouse."

Look, man, some people climb mountains, some clean out the cat box, and some go into government buildings they've been ordered to stay out of. But they all do it for the same reason.

After his first arrest yesterday, Bundy bailed out of the Ada County Jail and apparently headed straight back to the Capitol to do it all over again. Idaho politics tweeter Emily Walton caught one of the arrests on video, and took the opportunity to heckle Bundy while she was at it: "Get in the car, Ammon! Just get in! ... Shut your face!"

This should be the standard for how these dipshits' antics are covered. We like the moment where Bundy takes a break from haranguing the state troopers with "by what authority are you arresting me?" and glares right at Walton.

If Bundy's now playing that favorite cut from the sovereign citizen playlist, we can only assume the next step will be some court filings in incomprehensible SovCit gibberish, signed with a red thumbprint, claiming that he recognizes no earthly authorities since President James K Polk or something. He may declare himself, like his brother Ryan, a "legal idiot" who cannot be be prosecuted under state or federal law because he is a man, not a member of the Legal Society.

Bundy was also arrested last month after an idiotic standoff outside the Ada County Courthouse, where he was supposed to be tried on the charges from his arrests in August. He refused to comply with the requirement that people entering the courthouse wear a mask, and the judge in his case issued a bench warrant for failure to appear. To protest that arrest, Bundy's followers showed up outside the courthouse and at the judge's home to show that they will not comply with tyranny.

Back in August, Bundy was wheeled out of the statehouse in an office chair that he refused to get out of. This time, he went limp and had to be carted out to the Idaho State Police car in a little three-wheeled cart, so he's really getting quite the tour of the state's office resources. In fact, it sure sounds as if the cart had been purchased with him partly in mind:

Idaho State Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said officers used the wheeled cart because Bundy refused to leave the building under his own power. The cart, which looks somewhat like an oversized jogging stroller, was purchased in the last few months specifically so officers could safely transport uncooperative people during arrests, Hightower said.

Bundy was booked on trespassing charges after the first arrest yesterday, then on trespassing and resisting or obstructing officers the second time around. As far as we can tell, he hasn't been arrested yet today, but the Capitol is open for a few more hours, because "Mountain Time."

[Idaho State Journal / KTVB-TV]

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