Ammon Bundy Hates The Government So Much He Wants To Be Governor Of Idaho


After failing for many years to beat the government, anti-government extremist Ammon Bundy has apparently decided he wants to join them. In fact, he has decided that wants to be Governor of Idaho and has filed the paperwork needed to run for the position in 2022. Sort of.

Bundy did fill out the paperwork, but it didn't count because no one named "Ammon Bundy" is registered to vote in the state of Idaho β€” a requirement for running for office in the state β€” and also because he listed himself as his own treasurer. Which is also not a thing one can actually do. And the treasurer needs to be a registered voter as well.

According to a tweet from the Idaho Secretary of State "a treasurer must be a registered Idaho voter, Ammon Bundy will either need to register and refile or name a new treasurer by refiling. IDSOS staff have notified him as such."

Awkwardly, Bundy is currently banned from the Idaho State Capitol after having staged an anti-mask protest there last August, during which he refused to leave and had to be wheeled out in an office chair. This will obviously make being the Governor of Idaho a little difficult. Bundy was also arrested twice last month, in the span of 24 hours.

In the event that Bundy successfully figures out his paperwork situation, he will be one of five Republicans, one "unafillliated" and zero Democrats currently running for the office. It would be lovely to say "LOL, like he'll actually win!" but we've probably all learned our lesson now with that one.

[Idaho Statesman]

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