Ammon Bundy Knows What Is 'Holocaust,' It Is Having To Wear A Mask Sometimes For Sure

Idaho Gov. Brad Little's "phased re-opening" of Idaho began going into effect on Friday, allowing the reopening of retail stores, church services, and other activities as long as they maintain social distancing. But that wasn't good enough for the coalition of rightwing groups that's been using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity. To bring attention to their anti-government agenda, the usual suspects held another rally on the steps of the Idaho Capitol building in Boise Saturday, proclaiming they don't need permission from tyrants to be free. Like previous rolls on the astroturf, Saturday's little Liberty Shindig appears to have been organized by the anti-vaccine weirdos of Health Freedom Idaho along with the rightwing Idaho Freedom Foundation. But with Idaho's cursory attempt at public health measures already coming down, the rally only drew about 250 attendees, about half of a similar Capitol protest two weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, Ammon Bundy, the Y'all Qaeda terrorist who's now calling Idaho home, was there to pledge his eternal opposition to the heavy hand of tyranny while there was still a little tyranny left to oppose. And to make his point, he explained that his life's mission is to make sure that Americans are never rounded up and murdered at Babi Yar in 1941. To make sure that never happens here, Bundy explained the Jews got themselves Holocausted because unlike Bundy, they didn't wave pocket copies of the US Constitution and/or AR-15s at the Nazis (if you're a glutton for punishment, you can find video of Bundy's rant here). You see, Bundy is very sad that the Jews let themselves be genocided, the dopes.

Just look at the pictures of the Holocaust. And it always amazes me how you see pictures of men and women stripped completely naked, lined up and facing a mass grave, where they are shooting them in the back of the head and falling in the grave.

Now, what is so amazing to me is, why would they line up, and knowing what was at the end of the line? Why? Why would they line up?

Oh, we know the answer to that one! Because they hadn't stockpiled weapons like American loonies, who are all convinced that if they'd been around in 1941, they could have held off a Panzer division with their AR-15s. Also, Bundy sort of leaves out all the preliminaries to the people being lined up before the mass grave, like the beatings and the shootings of anyone who resisted. Funny how groups of people with machine guns pointed at them (and who have just seen those machine guns used on their neighbors, as an example) tend not to have the bravado of a guy on the steps of a state capitol building on a sunny day in 2020 America.

Bundy said that he too, as a political prisoner who merely led an armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge, learned an important lesson that will keep him from ever getting genocided like the Jews allowed to happen to them.

I have been there and I know for a fact that this is true: When you have faced so much tyranny in your life, there is a point when you would rather line up naked and get shot in the head. And, my friends, why we're here today right now is to make sure that never happens!

You see, children, if the Jews hadn't been compliant sheeple, they never could have been murdered. And once you start obeying laws you don't like, then you've already set yourself on the road to being genocided.

The student of history's lessons went on:

You must ask yourself: Why did the Jewish people not — how did they get in that position? I'm not someone to be a judge of another people, but we must learn from history. Because they thought that putting their head down and trying to not be noticed was the better way. They thought that compliance would get them through it, and it was just a period of time that they might just pass through and end up better on the other end.

And that is the decision that we have to make right now. Are we better if we just comply? [Audience: NO!] Is it safer to comply? [Audience: NO!] If we comply now, they will go further […] until we are lined up naked, facing a mass grave and being shot in the back of the head.

And no one can say, "Oh Ammon, that will not happen," because guess what? It already has! It's happened many, many times! In fact, 250 million people in the 21st century [sic] were murdered by their own government, for many different reasons!

Oddly, Bundy didn't identify which of those campaigns of mass killing got started with a limited-duration stay at home order aimed at limiting the spread of a deadly virus. That does seem a bit of a problem for his argument, seeing as how in other genocides, the perpetrators have generally been quite open about their motives, and had established totalitarian regimes well in advance.

Bundy had plenty of company among people who should know better, like Idaho state Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale), who explained on Facebook that having to wear a mask at a private business is EXACTLY LIKE how Jews were forced to wear a star in Nazi Germany:

And then there's history scholar and state Rep. Heather Scott, who explained on a wingnut podcast that Gov. Little is actually Adolf Hitler:

"They're already calling him 'Little Hitler,'" Scott said. ["They" is Rep. Scott herself, who's been using the line for a few weeks — Dok]

Declaring businesses either "essential" or "non-essential" and only allowing some of them to stay open during this global pandemic, she said, is a problem.

"I mean, that's no different than Nazi Germany where you had government telling people you were an essential worker or nonessential worker and the nonessential workers got put on a train," Scott said.

Yes, we all remember how Hitler got started by fighting a pandemic. How true this is.

But Bundy was right about one thing: He and his co-idiots aren't going to be rounded up and mass murdered, because no, this is not the first stage of tyranny. It would be comforting to think that these wingnuts will simply decide that they scared off the tyrants, just like yapping Chihuahuas daily protect their homes from the postal carrier.

Unfortunately, the rightwing fringe has gotten itself all worked up and ready to go kill some tyrants, so we may well be on the way to bloodshed. Not the glorious new Civil War II of their boogaloo dreams, but some asshole is entirely likely to try to blow up a federal building again. Oh, look, and we have an election coming up, with the conspiracy theorist in chief already warning that if he loses, it'll be time for an armed rebellion.

Thank goodness we have a bunch of armed crazies convinced they need an armed insurrection to prevent a genocide.

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