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[contextly_sidebar id="NCHJsmexw85hTGCbXVDEycfnsoWDqdNz"]Guess the tyranny of the federal government thinking it's allowed to own things and, you know, BE the government, isn't the big whoop it used to be now that LaVoy Finicum, spokesman for the Oregon militia armed and illegally squatting on federal land, has actually died. Whoa, this is like real life and stuff! From jail and via his lawyer, Ammon Bundy relayed the message that he really misses his friend and stuff, and also told the rest of the militia boys holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to go home:

First, I want to address my beloved friend, LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy is one of the greatest men and greatest patriots I have ever seen. His love tor this country ran deep through the blood he gave yesterday. And I mourn for him and I mourn for his family. I'm asking the federal government to allow the people at the refuge to go home without being prosecuted. To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down.

Sounds like he's suggesting that the people still at the refuge -- because oh yes, there are people still at the refuge -- are amateur militia dumbshits, and all the professional militia dumbshits like Ammon Bundy are in jail or dead, RIP.

Three more idiots are now in federal custody, but there was no shooty-shooty with them. They're charged with the same thing the original idiots are charged with, which is "one federal felony count of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats." The FBI also says it has let five more dingusbreaths go home.

Ammon Bundy's daddy Cliven Bundy has been whoring it up with the press the past couple of days:

This will be a wake-up call to America. ... This whole battle is over a constitutional issue where the federal government has no rights within the state ... You know, this is a total disaster to be happening in America, where we have, I'm a-guessin' federal people killin' innocent people. I'll tell you one thing, my sons and those who were there were there to do good, no harm was intended, they would never threaten anybody, they was tryin' to teach people about the Constitution ...

Blah blah blah, et cetera.

We really don't mean to make light, and we're still sorry LaVoy Finicum's family is in mourning right now, but this shit is so stupid. There is no cause here. These dudes are in jail, and one man died, because they don't understand the fucking Constitution they claim is so beloved to them.

So Ammon is right. Anybody who's left at that refuge should just go home now and think about how their buddy died for nothing, the end.

[The Guardian / Las Vegas Review-Journal via RawStory]

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