Amy Argetsinger Did Not Rob a Convenience Store

amy%20argetsinger%20washington%20post%20reliable%20source.jpgEarlier today, we wondered why so many people were accessing this site by running Google searches for Amy Argetsinger, one of the two scribes behind the Post's Reliable Source column. We asked: "Was Amy on TV earlier today? Did she hold up that Seven Eleven near the Braddock Road Metro station? Why the sudden curiosity about her?"

Now we have our answer, courtesy of Amy herself:

Strange to realize that you're the top Google link for me! As for why the traffic today, all I can say is that there was a lot of talk on our web chat today about what I look like and what a GoogleImages search brings up for me and how I'm not actually the Amy Argetsinger who played Division III basketball for DePauw a couple years ago...

The web chat contains this exchange:

D.C. Cube farm: Googled your photo. Ms. Amy Argetsinger, wow, you are a babe!

Amy Argetsinger: Aw, thanks... There might be some confusion, though. When I GoogleImages myself, I find no images of myself that are the least bit babe-ish. Then again, I should probably note that I am NOT the willowy 23-year-old Amy Argetsinger who played basketball for DePauw.

Amy, your modesty is commendable -- and we also don't want to encourage lovestruck readers to follow you around D.C. But we have met you in person, and we can confirm that you are quite attractive.

So Amy's a babe, and Roxanne is an expert poker player. The Reliable Source fields a formidable team!

(See, we're not all snark around here; we say nice stuff about people too.)

Reliable Source Web Chat [WP]

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