Amy Klobuchar Announces 2020 Presidential Run From BOOM ISLAND!

2020 presidential election
Amy Klobuchar Announces 2020 Presidential Run From BOOM ISLAND!

Joining an increasingly deep bench of 2020 hopefuls, Amy Klobuchar has now officially announced her plans to run for President of the United States! From Boom Island! With guest DJ Dudley D! And it was VERY, VERY snowy.

Klobuchar, is an extremely popular Senator in a purple state, which could give her an advantage in a field mostly filled (so far) with contenders from straight up blue states. Though, awkwardly, her announcement comes on the heels of reports that she is having trouble getting a staff together for her 2020 run on account of how she is not very Minnesota Nice to her aides.

In her speech, Klobuchar shared her family's working class street cred, touched on the I-35 bridge collapse, and announced her support for overturning Citizen's United and restoring the Voting Rights Act. She also did not wear a hat. I would have worn a hat. There was snow. It looked VERY cold.

Watch live: Amy Klobuchar unveils decision on 2020 presidential election

As mentioned, Klobuchar gave her speech from some place in Minnesota called Boom Island, and I am now obsessed with the fact that there is a place called Boom Island, and very hopeful that it is adjacent to a Bang Island. On Tuesday, when speaking of Boom Island on Rachel Maddow, Klobuchar noted that the location presented many opportunities for puns, a thing everyone loves. "As in Boom Island, drop the mic," she said.

And though she did not say it in a Minnesota accent, I am hearing it one and enjoying it very much.


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