Amy Klobuchar Shows The Love For Uncle Joe, Even Bernie, On ‘The View'

Amy Klobuchar Shows The Love For Uncle Joe, Even Bernie, On ‘The View'

“The View" is a depressing sight these days. Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain are on opposite ends of the table, keeping a safe six feet distance apart. That's good news for Hostin, but it makes for a somber set. Joy Behar stopped coming into the studio last week and is in self-quarantine for her own safety. Whoopi Goldberg's working from home because she's a national treasure and must remain safe if civilization is to endure after the coronavirus.

Goldberg interviewed Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar via Skype Wednesday. She even let McCain participate. Klobuchar did a fine job auditioning for vice president. She talked up Joe Biden as the person to lead America during these challenging times.

Klobuchar was also gracious to her Senate colleague, Bernie Sanders, when co-host Dan Abrams asked her if it was time for Sanders to GTFO.

KLOBUCHAR: That is so his decision. Bernie is a friend. We came into the Senate together. We've worked together on all kinds of things, including the price of pharmaceuticals ... He'll make a decision when the decision is right for him. He's built a movement. He has a lot of people who fully believe in him. And I think Joe Biden's words last night say it all. He wants to bring Bernie's people with him.

McCain reminded Klobuchar that just because Biden's the nominee, we can't suddenly forget that Sanders supporters are a pack of drooling sociopaths.

MCCAIN: If Joe Biden secures the nomination, I don't think Bernie supporters are going to suddenly rally behind him. I've said on the show before that Bernie supporters are some of the nastiest people on social media. They harass people in ugly and sexist ways. How do you think [Biden] will be able to get them on his team?

It's worth noting while we're here that McCain once pushed back against a “View" guest who said Trump voters were part of a “cult." McCain's husband is publisher of The Federalist and while she's not responsible for what her spouse does, she should know that (the worst, not all) Sanders supporters do have some blue-checkmarked competition for “nastiest people on social media."

Klobuchar didn't take McCain's bait and just stuck to the unity message.

KLOBUCHAR: [Sanders] knows what the stakes are here. And if and when he makes that decision that he would endorse Joe Biden, I think that he will do everything to bring his supporters with him.

She later politely sidestepped Sunny Hostin's questions about whether she was on a shortlist for Biden's vice president. Still, look at her face when she discusses the possibility. She's not Meryl Streep. She wouldn't look that happy if she suspected Biden was seriously considering Pete Buttigieg.

HOSTIN: Biden said on Sunday that he would commit to a female woman VP. Are you that woman?

KLOBUCHAR: I'm not talking about hypotheticals. I don't think he's talked to anyone about this. There are great women throughout this country and no one knows better about being vice president than Joe Biden. He did the job really well with Barack Obama for eight years. Right now, we're in a crisis and I think that's why people are turning to him. That's why you saw the voter turnout you did in Arizona and Florida. Because even though there was a risk to go to vote, a lot people went to vote.

That was very good deflection. Klobuchar kept making the case without saying anything that she's the “female woman" for this ticket. She's every female woman.

Klobuchar shared a lovely story about a time when Biden visited Minnesota for an event. This was years ago when we still had "events." She called to thank him and mentioned that her friend's husband who'd helped with the event had suddenly died. Biden asked for her friend's cell phone number.

KLOBUCHAR: [Biden] called my friend while she was driving home from work her first day. He made her pull over to the side of the road and write his cell phone number on her hand and told her he could call her whenever it was hard because he'd lost his own family members. That's just a story. No one knew that story until I told it on the show. That's the kind of empathy he has for people.

Klobuchar is an experienced politician who knows her stuff. You could tell when she talked about what was needed at the federal level to combat the coronavirus, but the vice presidency is ultimately a support role. It demands someone willing to cede the spotlight and convince people to vote for the top of the ticket. Klobuchar showed she can hit it out of the park for Uncle Joe.

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