Check out the headline and lede of this article by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post (who was arrested earlier this morning by Wonkette's Capitol Fashion Police; but we sent him a Valentine's Day card to make up for it):

dana milbank gun article.JPG

Or take a look at the following excerpt from this article:

"He's very tough," James R. Huffines, chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, and a 25-year friend of Whittington, told TIME. "He's a real tenacious competitor in everything he does. I hate to use this pun, but he really is a straight shooter in all sense of the word, with a real sense of right and wrong for the taxpayers."

gun free.gifPeople, please: In discussing the Cheney hunting accident, can we stop with all the repetitive and tortured shooting metaphors? And now that Harry Whittington has taken a turn for the worse, as we just discussed, the need to avoid gun puns has only intensified.

(Okay, fine, you've called our bluff: we're not sure that we really mean this. So if we indulge in the occasional shooting metaphor ourselves, especially if Mr. Whittington pulls through this okay, please don't accuse us of hypocrisy.)

McClellan Takes Aim at Cheney [WP]

The Man Who Dick Cheney Shot [Time]


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