An Open Letter to the Judge Who Quoted Us in Court

collinf.jpgDear D.C. Superior Court Judge John Bayly,

Hi! How are you? We are fine.

We hear you read the site -- great, thanks! We're big fans of your work too, M'lud. May we call you M'lud?

Now let's get down to brass tacks, m'lud. We don't particularly want to be responsible for any wrongful convictions, even if they're wrongful convictions of guys we happen to personally think probably are total douchebags. We are speaking, of course, of Collin Finnerty. You know him, right? On trial for assault? You're hearing the case? Right. That one. The douchebag.

Anyway, it's come to our attention that a li'l post of ours was, well, quoted (misquoted, but we're not angry) in court. By you. And you, via us, kinda made it seem like Mr. Finnerty violated his court-ordered curfew. That post was part of a regular feature we do called Wonk'd, in which readers like you send in real-life sightings of famous and famous-for-DC people. Then we print them. With very, very little editing, and absolutely no fact-checking. In other words, while we probably should've added a [sic] or two (the reader who sent in said item misspelled Mr. Finnerty's first name and called him "convicted" instead of "indicted"), you should know that we didn't write or verify that sighting.

Completely unrelated: is Finnerty's attorney's name really "Steve McCool"? Because that sounds totally made-up, and we really think you should look into that.

And hey, thanks for reading!



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