Anchor Baby Michelle Malkin So Mad About Immigrants For A Change

Anchor Baby Michelle Malkin So Mad About Immigrants For A Change

Anchor baby Michelle Malkin is flabbercensed, y'all, about the Associated Press changing its stylebook to avoid namecalling immigrants who don't have all their paperwork in one sock put the final nail in the Lamestream Media's coffin. Not only has the AP decided to stop calling these terrorvaders "illegal immigrants" (because, so mean!), but they've also dropped "undocumented immigrant," which really burns Michelle's bacon.

As a veteran of a college newspaper staff, and five MORE years writing Reagan-worshipping columns for the L.A. Daily News and Seattle Times (because the 1986 shamnesty was totes not his fault), Michelle is an expert on the decision-making process at the Associated Press, and she dropped some futurism bombs to prove it:

It won’t be long before illegal border crossers, illegal visa overstayers, illegal deportation evaders, document fraudsters and illegal alien traffickers are all referred to as “our fellow Americans.” Without the quotations. Mark my words.

Mark. Her. Words. Bitchez. No one will be there to supply the proper punctuation and grammar for "illegal-border crosser." Associated Press? More like Associated Document Fraudsters, amirite?

Now, as an old newspaper man ourselves, yr Major Major Major Major fondly remembers half-hour arguments over the Oxford comma between members of the copy desk who otherwise would be laying out special advertising sections about the new mall, and thus we were very interested in the fascinating tedious explanations from the AP leadership about how they can't use undocumented because lots of these people, who are SO ILLEGAL, just like ILLEGAL DRIVERS who break the speed limit, actually have all kind of documents, such as Honduran driver's licenses and liberry cards and whatnot.

Michelle is, like, ALL OVER that nonsense:

It’s a farce to call someone an “undocumented immigrant” whose pockets are overflowing with fake, fraudulent documents — and that is usually the case with many of the suspected illegal immigrants featured in AP stories. (Moreover, it is inaccurate to call someone whose employment history, criminal record and welfare status are unknown an undocumented “worker.”)

YEAH. Because unlike her doctor daddy, who got a visa so that some Philly hospital could save money on interns, those dudes hanging out at the day labor pool with their work boots on are probably just there to trade meth for food stamps or something. I mean, you see them jumping into strange pickup trucks like common trollops. What's THAT about?

SO. Now that the lieburals have banned all sorts of useful adjectives (whoops) that allow us to properly categorize people, we can all say goodbye to the telegraphically dispatched propaganda of the wire services, and hello to untrammelled truth.



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