And, hey, Three Days of Warnings from the National Weather Service Weren't So Bad, Either

We're just a few days past the moment President Bush told the world that he would take responsibility for the "bad intelligence" that informed the decision to go to war with a nation that lacked the military capacity to boil water. The press' chorus of hallelujah was predictably Handel-rific, and why not? After all, the President offered to do what the press was too perfumed and pussified to do -- hold him to some modicum of accountability. It's a new golden age! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Oh, don't worry your pretty little head about that.

Still, with yesterday's inclement weather, we were worried sick about all the traffic accidents that were going to occur as all the people that the President would be firing in the wake of his intelligence revelation would be leaving town at the same time everyone who had lost their job would be returning. Turns out those fears were misplaced. As far as we can tell, those same PNAC clowns who busted out foreign policy Madlibs with Ahmed Chalabi and cut intellgence reports into pretty paper snowflakes are still dancing and juggling and flopping around the Bush White House in their oversized shoes.

This is the brilliance of the twenty-first century: as long as we act like we're taking responsibility, we don't have to learn a damn thing. That's the luxury of an age in which winning in the polls supercedes actual tangible results. Still: don't look back in anger at the intel of yesteryear. It wasn't all bad. That August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing, for example -- that was some pretty hot stuff.


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