. . . And Lo, There Was a Mighty Disturbance in the Force, Like the Sound of Millions of Thumbs Twiddling Into the Void

Enthusiasts of the Bush-revamped Supreme Court can celebrate their first big victory against the official Washington Establishment. Today, the Roberts court refused to hear an appeal of the lower-court patent-infringment ruling against Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Washington's ur-geek accessory, the Blackberry. The no-decision call by the Supremes could well be the final act for the Research in Motion, which suffered a 2003 injunction from patent-holder RMT Inc. to halt future sales of the Blackberry, and has been frenetically appealing it ever since. Fallout from this might well outstrip that of the Abramoff scandal: If Washington high rollers are once more forced to look each other in the face for the sake of socializing or conducting official business, depression, substance abuse, and suicides all seem certain to skyrocket. All of which seems a readymade prescription (as it were) for another Marion Barry administration. Be very afraid.

High Court Rejects Blackberry case [Reuters, via CNN]


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