And Nancy Pelosi Pulls the Warrants From Under Her Skirt ...

He died in a sewer beneath Vienna. - WonketteTrials are boring, which is why bloggers are so excited about the Scooter Libby Festival of Lights, but we're following just enough of this to maybe figure out the following:

* Dick Cheney destroyed evidence.

* Dick Cheney made up crazy lies.

* Dick Cheney leaked the CIA agent's name to Libby and maybe everybody else.

* Dick Cheney bemoaned having to lose his henchman to protect Karl Rove, who maybe really blew the spy's cover.

* Dick Cheney demanded fake WMD "intelligence" so he could put it in Bush's 2003 SOTU.

* Actual conservative pundits on the MSNBC are openly discussing Dick Cheney's resignation.

Here is the Healing Scenario we foresee: The entire State of the Union Address is a setup, to get Cheney surrounded with CSPAN cameras on all the exits. Pelosi's got the arrest warrant tucked in her garter and a taser gun in her left hand, covered by one of those shawls she likes to wear. And then, just as she simultaneously draws the taser and the warrant while the Capitol police and the Joint Chiefs approach from all sides, Cheney give the stunned Harry Lime "oh shit, they got me" look and the credits roll ....

MSNBC Transcription: Cheney accused by Prosecutors in Libby Trial [DailyKos]


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