And Now, A Confused U.S. President Wandering Off A Stage He Wasn't Supposed To Leave


It's been a weird day for news today, and it is pretty gross and rainy out (at least in Chicago), so let's just end this day on an especially absurd note, with this video of Donald "Who Am I? Where Am I?" Trump walking off stage at the G-20, leaving Argentinian president Mauricio Macri standing alone. He was apparently supposed to stay for a photo op with Macri and other world leaders, but instead just shook Macri's hand and then waltzed off stage, lost in his own world.

Trump walks off leaving Mauricio Macri standing alone at G20

This is... not the first time this has occurred.

Donald Trump Wanders Off

Donald Trump Wanders Off. Yet Again.

And now, I'm going to wander off myself and leave you all to your open thread!

[The Guardian]

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