And Now For A Special FRIDAY DANCE PARTY Because It Is Friday Why Not

Taken today. Lazy, but feeling better!

Oh hey, Wonky Wonkers, we did not do our normal dance party on Wednesday, because we were SICK AS A DOG and our dog was also SICK AS A "HERSELF," as we splained you yesterday when we were being sappy and begging for dollars and cents but mostly dollars. So as our week of fundraising comes to an end -- but not really an end, because remember, we really need the ongoing support of as many people as possible to keep the good ship Wonkette sailing the snarky seas -- we figured we would tell you a thing and then do our dance party to end up the week.

First, though, if you haven't read them, please also too see Dok's lovely sappy Give Us Money piece and Rebecca's sappy Give Us Money piece, and if the Lord leads you and you're able, please consider Give Us Money.

The telling you a thing is in response to all you amazing people who left comments and sent emails asking for updates on Lula The Wonder Dog, who has been very sick. GOOD NEWS: She was showing signs of an intestinal blockage -- something we have been through before and requires emergency surgery, the symptoms of which are [gross details omitted because gross] -- and we were all set to take her to the emergency vet Thursday morning very early. But then she surprised us (me) by going to her food bowl and eating a bit on her own, keeping it down, and that's continued all the way to right now. So ... bullet dodged, we think! Thank you all for caring and being wonderful.

So now that you know that, let's shuffle Ye Olde iTunes and listen to the first ten that come up at random. Here they are!

  1. "Wonderful" (from Wicked: Original Broadway Cast, sung by Joel Grey and Idina Menzel)
  2. Sugarland - "Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good)"
  3. Clarensau - "Oh How I Need Changing"
  4. Barbra Streisand & Vince Gill - "If You Ever Leave Me"
  5. Garrison Starr & Jay Nash - "Hard Lesson" (live at Sun Studio)(orig. version by Jay Nash)
  6. Barbra Streisand - "Ordinary Miracles"
  7. Dragonette - "Pick Up The Phone"
  8. Snow Patrol - "Whatever's Left"
  9. The Who - "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere"
  10. Frank Sinatra - "If You Go Away" (adaptation of "Ne Me Quitte Pas," by Jacques Brel, originally performed in English by Damita Jo)

Yeah, we still do not have our music pulled off our old hard drive/s, hence the Barbra Streisand TWICE. Oh well, we are a flaming homosexual, it is fine.

Here is your music:

Evan Hurst

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