And So I Face the Final Curtain...

My week of guest blogging at Wonkette is basically at an end. And what have we learned in this past week? Pundits should stay off trampolines, that manganese is what makes malt liquor so tasty, that only God can prevent crime waves, that we're not at war with Islamo-Fascists but with Islamo-Democrats, and much, much more.

But mostly, I've learned that I really should have gone to law school when I had the opportunity. And that I shouldn't have eaten the brown acid. Or if I did, I should have finished the whole bag.

Like doing time in a Mexican prison, a stretch at Wonkette is one of those rare, life-changing experiences that makes me wonder why the hell Jack Kevorkian isn't willing to take the gas pipe already.

But be that as it may, it's time to scurry back to my day job at editor-in-chief of Reason and Reason Online (and the soon-to-be-launched Reason in Smell-O-Rama, though many former subscribers tell me we solved those technical problems shortly after I became editor). I hope to see you there sometime.--Nick Gillespienickbody.gif


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