"And that ballot is going to say 'escort/exotic dancer'"

starchild.gifSo boasts Starchild, 36-year-old Army reservist and current candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, while speaking at last week's big sex-worker-palooza event in Sin City (where it seems all the good political happenings are happening these days).

The sex workers are, from the headlines anyway, are demanding "rights" and "respect." Back of the line, bub. There's a reason why they call it sex work, after all. But here's hoping they get what they want. But listen carefully to the warning of Dr. Zaius: "You may not like what you find!"

Back to Starchild, the reason we are gathered here today:

"We just want the government off our backs," said Starchild, adding he used the conference to link up with other sex workers interested in restoring the "spirituality and dignity" the profession enjoyed in Elizabethan England.

"We're like courtesans," he said.

And, more to the point, actual politicians are the real whores anyway.

Back in 2000, when Starchild was running for Congress, Suck interviewed him. Even with the advent of WW3, can't imagine much in his platform is changed (he's Reaganesque that way), so check out that Q&A here (scroll down and like it).--Nick Gillespie


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