And We'll Take That Congressional ID Pin, Too

cynthia%20mckinney%20shows%20photo%20ID.jpgCynthia McKinney's congressional comeback might be as brief as the "go" order George W. Bush gave Mossad to blow up the World Trade Center. A poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has McKinney getting punched with a cell phone shellacked by DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson, who almost beat her in last week's primary.

Towery said McKinney and Johnson split the African-American vote in the district, which makes up nearly 53 percent of the electorate. But an overwhelming number of white voters surveyed, who make up 42 percent of the 4th District electorate, said they preferred Johnson.
So she will be defeated by racism? Huh.

Poll: Johnson has lead over McKinney [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Congresswoman McKinney Presses for Investigation of Bush Administration Links to 9-11 [TruthOut]

-- David Weigel


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