Anderson Cooper: Top With Republicans

The Hotline Poll is All-Republican (and All-American, dammit) this month, and though the split between America's Unelectable Mayor (seriously, Washington, he did stuff before 2001, look into it) and MAVERICK SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN is what'll dominate the coverage (such as it is), we found this more interesting:


So leaving aside the weird choices on the list, one thing stands out:

ANDERSON COOPER IN A LANDSLIDE. The man is unstoppable! Polling double digits beyond all the competitors!

Seriously, we didn't know anyone read his blog except, you know, when it's linked to along with a gay joke. Did all the Republicans just vote for the guy they'd heard of? 'Cause that would also explain McCain's and Giuliani's strong showings. And it also means that Cooper would sweep the Republican Primaries. BEST CAMPAIGN EVER.

(Confidential to AC: We won't tell them if you don't.)

March '06 Data [Diageo/Hotline (.pdf)]


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