Anderson Cooper's Pronoun Problem Continues

We have never actually believed Anderson Cooper is gay. He's way too cute. But yesterday, when he asserted to Jerry Falwell, in a conversation about those pesky "special gay rights" that "You know we pay taxes," well, we thought it was noteworthy. Like Bush talks about men's pretty faces. Now, the CNN transcript page show no trace of the singular "we," used by queens and other royalty. Instead:

FALWELL: Anderson, that's all a red herring. If you want to leave something to your cat, you can do that in your will...

COOPER: It's not a red herring. That's simply not true. It's not true. You know you pay taxes...

FALWELL: Are you telling me that two men living together cannot make a will out, each of them...

Yes, the hangover yesterday was mind-numbing. And, in certain special cases, we do start seeing double. But we did not imagine the "we" that is now gone -- poof, as it were.

UPDATE: Our New York brethren hunt down Cooper, who states that transcripts are incorrect. CNN publicists concur. [Gawker]

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