Andrea Mitchell Angry That Press Wasn't Invited To Obama's Basketball Game


The Obama campaign is all about IMAGE CONTROL these days and GOOD OPTICS, which is why nobody can wear agreen Hamas shirt around the candidate. Now Barack Obama is stone cold ignoring the press on his Middle Eastern Hope 'N Basketball Tour, leaving it to some military nobody to hold the camera while he shoots three-pointers when really such hard-hitting news coverage should be left to trained journalistic professional nobodies.

Is it kinda lame that Obama dragged all these traveling press people halfway around the world only to ignore them while he canoodles with the locals? Absolutely! On the other hand, if he opened every visit to the press they'd be bitching about what a cynical publicity stunt this whole thing was. (Plus, security concerns etc.)

Barack Obama can make this whole problem go away by pencilling in 20 minutes of "balling" with Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea on Obama Trip: 'What Some Would Call Fake Interviews' [News Busters]

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