Andrew Giuliani's Dad Was Mayor And That Means He Can't Get COVID

Andrew Giuliani, the 35-year-old son of disgraced former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who wants to be the next New York governor — and why not, because he's spent the better part of the last FIVE DECADES in politics — has a science belief. It is a science belief about his very good body and what happens when it gets exposed to COVID-19. You see, he's immune to it, because his dad was mayor he has "the antibodies," which means he's immune to it, therefore he doesn't have to wear a mask, because his dad was mayor he has "the antibodies," which means he's immune to it.

It's just science.

The New York Daily News reports:

Despite opting against getting the coronavirus vaccine, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Giuliani keeps making campaign appearances in various indoor settings without a face mask on in apparent violation of New York's public health restrictions.

In the past two weeks alone, Giuliani has posted photos of himself on Twitter appearing maskless and shoulder-to-shoulder with staff indoors at a bagel shop, a diner and a pizzeria in upstate New York. [...]

Giuliani's face covering flouting appears to violate New York State Department of Health regulations that say unvaccinated individuals "must wear masks in all public settings," including while in food and retail establishments.


The young boy, who has again spent FIVE DECADES in politics in his 35 years of life, again explained why this week to the New York Daily News:

"I have not been vaccinated. I have the antibodies," Giuliani said. "I understand people want to make a big deal that I haven't gotten vaccinated and still attending events, but I have the antibodies."

Told you he has the antibodies. You keep wanting to make a big deal about how he hasn't had his shots, but he has the antibodies. Who wants to see his antibodies? He'll show them to you. OH YEAH.

Look, everybody, it's a picture of young Andrew and his antibodies:

See? He doesn't need the vaccine.

Do we know how long COVID-19 antibodies last or whether they provide ultimate superhero powers and protection? We do not. But don't tell young Andrew that because he has the science, you think you have the science, but he has the science:

"I'm following the science on this and the science shows that having the antibodies is enough not just for me but for all New Yorkers around me as well," he said.


(If you don't get all the jokes in this post, we are sorry and please click here.)

[New York Daily News]

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