Daily Wire Guy Saw Black People In Memphis And He Got Scared

screengrab, Andrew Klavan's Daily Wire show

We guess every white Daily Wire nerd is getting attention this week.

Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles are wetting their pants about transgender kids, as usual. God knows what Ben Shapiro's on about, we don't even want to check. And now here is this nerd Andrew Klavan, who is frightened of the city of Memphis.

If you know anything about the writer whose words you are currently reading, you know if there is one way to bait us, it is to be a little weakling white nerd conservative man talking about how scary Memphis is.

So, Andrew Klavan. Who is he? Some guy. He's been on the wingnut grift circuit for a longass time, and we guess now he is showing his nips for the Daily Wire. He made these comments about Memphis last month, but Media Matters excavated them today. Based on the date Klavan said these things, it appears it was when the entire nation was talking about the gruesome police murder of Tyre Nichols. Creepy rightwing dudes had a lot to say about that, obviously.

Andrew Klavan explained that he had been to Memphis. There were Black people there, and he saw them.

KLAVAN: I also want to say something about Memphis. And if you live in Memphis and you love it there, forgive me. I was there for one day.

Forgive him for thinking he's qualified to comment on Memphis after being here one day? Honestly pretty much what we expect from conservative white dudes. They tend to think they're experts on all subjects.

I'm sure there were many lovely parts of it. All I know is it was one of the ugliest American cities I have ever seen —

He's sure a lot of it is just lovely, but based on his one day here, it was very ugly.

not in terms of structure, but in terms of the people on the ground.

Oh, he wasn't saying the buildings were run-down or ugly, he was saying the people were ugly.

Memphis, this sexual man specimen is judging your looks.

I wanted to see the jazz clubs

That's not Memphis, dude. This is the blues city. Jazz and blues are not the same thing.

and I was told in my hotel, you can't go there at night.

No, he wasn't. Unless he means some person who was as much of a fuckin' pantshitting white weirdo as him, who was also staying at the same hotel, told him he could not go there at night. No hotel employee in Memphis would have told him he couldn't go see "jazz" at night.

Obviously we are charitably assuming here that he meant to say "blues," and that he's talking about the world famous Beale Street, which is now a tourist trap, and which is full of blues clubs. It is often packed at night. It can get kinda rowdy on the weekends if you're down there late, but it's not a "you can't go there" situation.

It's certainly not the only place to see blues in Memphis, but Beale is the only place a white dude who works at the Daily Wire would be able to walk to from his hotel, and it's the only place they'd tell a random tourist to go.

And I said, well, who's going to a jazz club during the day?

Nobody in the city of Memphis.

I took a walk to see the area where the jazz clubs were, and I was afraid.

LOL coward.

Here is a picture of Beale Street during the day.


I was afraid for my safety. A lot of, like, lurking, you know, sullen, baleful, thuggish people, all of whom were Black.

Andrew Klavan saw Black people. They were sullen and baleful and thuggish, and he was sore afraid.

And I think all of us know that there are many, many neighborhoods in urban cities, in urban areas with — that are Black neighborhoods that are bad. They are bad neighborhoods, and many of these neighborhoods are dangerous. And there — there's a whole subculture, you know, because a lot of Black people, thank heavens, have moved out of that subculture. But there's a subculture of places that where you don't want to be, because they're Black.

Andrew Klavan knows about bad Black neighborhoods that are bad. Like the place in Memphis with the jazz clubs that he walked to from his hotel.

Here is a video of Beale Street during the day. It prominently features goats.


At this point Klavan went into a whole blabbering soliloquy about why some Black neighborhoods are bad. He blames Lyndon Johnson.

Then he got back to the Black people he saw in Memphis, what frightened him.

You know, when I was talking about Memphis, those people, all of whom were Black and that who were threatening looking, if one of them moved in next to me I would sell my house and move away.

If just one of the people he saw in Memphis moved in next to him he would put his house on the market? Is dude trying to be everybody's idea of a parody of the world's biggest white weenus here?

Why? Because of the color of skin? Obviously not.

Perish that thought, none of his context clues so far would lead us to think this was about that.

I live in a neighborhood where there are plenty of people of color, that's not the thing. It's because of the behavior, right?

Wait, we forgot what the behavior was. Oh yes, "lurking" while Black. Now we remember. It was during the day. Probably on Beale Street.


It's because of the way that people — that guy acts and probably the things he does. I mean, I could tell these were not good people.

He could tell. By looking at them.

So, you know, and then they call it white flight. But is it — are you fleeing because you're white and they're Black, or are you fleeing because of actions and principles?

"Actions and principles" is a new euphemism, we haven't heard that one. He's not selling his house because his neighbors are Black, he's selling it because they are very bad "actions and principles." Just like his stablemate Michael Knowles doesn't want to eradicate transgender people, he wants to eradicatetransgenderism.

These are things that should be discussed in this country, but they are not being discussed because too many people have a stake in making sure this is purely a racial issue with one explanation, which doesn't make sense.

Yeah, no idea who made this all racial.

Please stay out of Memphis, dude. It is obviously too scary for you and we don't want you here anyway, the end.


[Media Matters]

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