Immigrant Andrew Sullivan Haaaaate Immigrants. How Ever Could That Be?

Andrew Sullivan is a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, but maybe all he really disapproves of is the president's fondness for Big Macs. Like David Frum, he mostly agrees with Trump on his signature issue, immigration. Both Frum and Sullivan are themselves immigrants but the white kind that ensures cultural stability in a nation that has technically always been multicultural. Last year, Sullivan wrote a piece for New York Magazine explaining why we should start worrying and love WALL. This month, Sullivan again called for WALL because it would give white people a sense of security like a racist child's blanket. He also wants to limit immigration, specifically from brown people too rude to ask true Americans if they mind further dilution of the nation's white potency.

Sullivan has been a not-so-stealth white supremacist for as long as black people have been disappointed to discover copies of "The Bell Curve" on their white friends' bookshelves. Still, he took it all to next-level grossness during his appearance Tuesday night on "Hardball with Chris Matthews." Sullivan and former RNC chair Michael Steele were discussing how Trump would run for re-election on a platform of bald-faced lies about Democrats. Then Zerlina Maxwell had the audacity to make words with her black lady mouth.

MAXWELL: In part this is the result of -- if you read Malcolm Nance's book,"The Plot to Destroy Democracy," it goes through the chronology--

SULLIVAN: (laughing) Jesus, Lord. You recommending that guy?

Yes, this racist misogynistic fuck laughed at Maxwell for the offense of citing the work of a respected counter-terrorism analyst. Sure, Nance is black and all but Amazon still sells his books; they're printed on real paper. Also, if Sullivan had the manners of a jackal, he could've let Maxwell finish her sentence and then responded to her opinion on its merits. Instead he just talks over her.

Maxwell doesn't lose her cool, because she's a black woman and there are laws against that sort of thing. Matthews apparently had no idea who Nance was, even though Nance is a regular guest on MSNBC shows, including his own. Now ignoring Maxwell while simultaneously lecturing her, Sullivan describes Nance to Matthews as a "fantasist" who spouts nothing but "conspiracy theories" and "nonsense."

MAXWELL: I just wanted to articulate the point I was making, which is that [Nance] ties it historically to the rise of white nationalism throughout Europe, and that is something that is tied to the debate over immigration.

SULLIVAN: Of course it is. It is being created by mass immigration. You either have to choose between mass immigration or liberal democracy. You can't have both.

Maxwell -- our new favorite person -- literally rocked her head in disbelief at Sullivan's absurdly racist argument. Does Sullivan believe "liberal democracy" impossible unless there's a white majority? Can liberal democracy only thrive at Taylor Swift concerts?

The whole point of Nance's "The Plot to Destroy Democracy" is that Vladimir Putin seeks to use white nationalism to dismantle liberal democracy in the western world. He specifically exploited America's cultural and racial divisions during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sullivan's "solution" is to lock America's doors and make the country whiter, which any sensible person could tell you won't make the nation more "liberal." You'd end up with a more authoritarian and theocratic country. That's the white nationalist Disney World.

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