Andrew Sullivan on the Moon

where did you get that hat?Also in the Daily News yesterday was an item that gave Andrew Sullivan a chance to defend himself against the charge that's he's an Auntie Tom. Last week, NY Press columnist Michael Signorile wrote that Sullivan (and Matt Drudge) were big gay hypocrites for their associations with DC's looney Moonie rag, The Washington Times. Turns out that despite his ultra-faggy outfits, Rev. Moon hates the gays. We hate hating the gays, but we do love the way Rev. Moon put it:

"If you misuse your love organ, you destroy your life, your nation, your world." "Love organ"! We're totally stealing that.

So anyway, Sullivan defended his writing for the Times, saying, "Moon's views are horrifying, but ... I champion gay rights and equality in a paper where they are usually unmentionable." He added that when you're an oppressed minority, "purism isn't an option." We're with Andrew on this; in fact, this is the exact same reasoning that prompted us to wear an "Equal Pay for Equal Work" button on our Hooters uniform.

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