Andrew Sullivan Shocker: 'South Park' Actually a Cartoon!

Terry we know it's your picture, please don't sue, it's for the joke (see headline) - WonketteWhy does South Park get away with every possible racial and sexual and religious and whatever-other-things stereotype, week after week -- while poor Don Imus is out of work and only has like $100 million dollars? Andrew Sullivan has cracked the code: It appears the South Park characters are not actually living creatures but simply cartoons of some sort.

Think about this. But what about Jew-hating cousin-fucker Borat, who brings shame to an entire nation (America)? It is okay, because he isn't a real true person either. He's a Jew! No, wait, it's also because he is performing a character. See??? It's like there's a whole secret world in which performers or artists are somehow "acting." This is why people instinctively refrain from trying to get Homer Simpson fired -- it's like they know there's something not quite human about Him.

Lesson: Everybody will try to get you fired and totally forget about the war in Iraq and the housing collapse that will usher in the Next Great Depression only if you're a) not a cartoon and b) maybe Jewish? Never Forget!

South Park and Imus [Andrew Sullivan]


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