Andrew Sullivan's Filthy One-Word Overshare


  • After going out to dinner with the Conservative Columnists, Obama took Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Rachel Maddow, Eugene Robinson, etc. out to lunch. Tomorrow he will drunkenly text Ron Paul and Wayne Allyn Root at 1 AM and invite them over to "watch a movie." [The Caucus]
  • Osama bin Laden has made his own YouTube fireside chat in which he sort of teases Barack Obama, but the subtext is "I'm not dead." [Crooks and Liars]
  • Andrew Sullivan wants you to know he has received a lot of emails asking about his off-the-record tryst with Obama but all he will say is that he feels "relief." Ew. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Bush and Co. have been ordered to surrender their emails from March 2003 to October 2005 to America. This order comes on the heels of concerns that the administration has probably deleted most emails from March 2003 to October 2005. [HuffPost]
  • Apparent human-in-beta Caroline Kennedy is the most unpopular person in the history of New York. [CNN Political Ticker]

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