Angela Merkel Is The Meanest Lady In Europe

  • Remember Stanford Financial Group, the latest Ponzi scheme offender to rob investors of their billions? Its CFO refuses to cooperate with prosecutors and instead pled the Fifth. [Reuters]
  • Republicans can complain a whole lot about President Obama's proposed budget, but they can't really block it because the Senate suspends the 60-vote cloture rule for budgets. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Snow day! Finally all you goobers whose work IPs block the YouTubes can enjoy your full Wonkette from the comfort of your freezing couch, for verily all the Northeast is covered in assloads of beautiful winter snow. [Washington Post]
  • UK bank stocks are hosed, and American stocks of all sorts are sure to follow today. [Bloomberg]
  • Once again AIG gets more money from the government because they hemorrhaged nearly $62 billion in the last quarter. [AP]
  • Smaller Eastern members of the EU who don't use the euro as currency are having an extra hard time in our new global depression, and all Germany can say is, "Tough." [New York Times]

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