Angry Fox Viewers Yell At Each Other, And It Is Hilarious

Angry Fox Viewers Yell At Each Other, And It Is Hilarious

What happens when you take a roomful of Fox viewers and make them talk about Donald Trump? Classy comedic gold, y'all, GOLD! Treat yourself to nearly two minutes of these morons yelling words at each other, like this lady here:

People of the United States are agreeing with what he is saying and they're standing up and they're clapping, and the other Republicans better stop making fun of him cuz they made fun of Ronald Reagan, and I think Donald Trump could possibly become the next president of the United States of America.

If that lady had a mic, she'd SO drop it. But this dude says she a idiot. Tell her, this dude!

People have not done their homework on Donald Trump. Look at his books, he's been all over the fence on issues over the years. He changes his views like he changes his underwear.

Mic-dropping lady doesn't care, though. She DOESN'T CARE!

I am against the fact that they're saying that "low information voters" -- I, I, I am against the fact that you're insulting my intelligence because I am for Donald Trump.

Nice use of air quotes, mic-dropping lady, and good for you for opposing facts. You're a True Republican. Just like this other lady, wearing VERY PURPLE eye shadow, who is saying some words, in no particular order at all:

I think he'll get the jobs, but I think he'll also get the right people to bring the constitutionality back, of this country.

What the eff, purple eye shadow lady, are you even saying, in that sentence? Also too, are you related to the Palin family by chance?

Here's some other other lady, who has really internalized her Donald Trump Talking Points that Donald Trump is a TEN BILLIONAIRE and he will do that to America too, obviously, to Make America Great Again!

He's worth ten billion dollars. He doesn't know how to create jobs? How can you say he doesn't know how to create jobs when he's worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS?

We don't know, some other other lady, guess we can't say that. We can, however, snarkily add that Trump sure knows how to create jobs for un-American non-Americans, ZING, SNAP, YA BURNT!

God bless this election.

[h/t Gary Legum, Wonketter, from whom we shamelessly "borrowed" this headline, thanks, Gary!]


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