Angry Obama Finally Learns To Use 'Code Words'!

We should all thank the nation's first black president, Bill Clinton, for one thing tonight: getting that whiny runt Obama to learn the use of "code words," a great tool for defeating Republicans. MAYBE THIS IS BILL'S STRATEGY?

Bill has used all sorts of code words against Barry, like "young man" in lieu of "black drug dealing black child rapist black."

In Barry's speech tonight -- aside from all the very obvious things like "proximity to White House" -- he mentioned "the Maytag worker who is now competing with his own teenager for a $7-an-hour job at Wal-Mart because the factory he gave his life to shut its doors" as a symbol of the American Tragedy. Hey, Wal-Mart -- those are the same corporates he criticized Hillary for sitting on the board of during Monday's debate. And look what these cynical fat cats are responsible for now: luring you away from that cushy air conditioning job and forcing you to wrestle your children over a wad of raw steak in some seedy back alley.

This is a good start Barry -- keep codifying Wal-Mart so that it becomes synonymous with Hillary Clinton. Then move onto other malleable words, like "bad" and "not president", and perform the same operation.


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