Angry Paultard Observes Chris Peden Has Not Delivered That Many Babies

Can Chris Peden do this 4000 times? I DON'T THINK SOIf you're a Ron Paul supporter, there are many reasons not to like his congressional opponent, Chris Peden. He is young and handsome and well-regarded by the people in his district, for example. But there is one other reason not to like Chris Peden: he doesn't have nearly the vast obstetrical experience as Texas Congressional District 14's incumbent!

You will recall that Peden told Wonkette, "If delivering a baby is a prerequisite [for Congress], then I still meet it" because he delivered one of his four children. Well, this Ron Paul supporter will have you know that delivering only one baby is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to true political leadership:

Pedens example of experience in delivering babies (his one to RP's 4000+) is like comparing Elephants to ants....there's just no comparison. I'm glad Peden was able to deliver his child safely (I wish no child any harm-and that includes Iraqi children), but come on, they (the readers of the wonkette) must be really stupid or gullible to believe its the same as delivering 4K.

We are just wondering if we are stupid or gullible for thinking this poster is a real person.

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