Ann Coulter And Sean Hannity Jump On The Latino Moocher Train


AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE ELECTION! (This will be your life for the next few days, get used to it.) Here are Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, giving us THEIR opinions about why the GOP got their ass handed to them on Tuesday, and you will never guess what they have to say. Or maybe you will, because SHOCKER, this is all the fault of the Latinos who want handouts. (Yes, THOSE Latinos, the same ones that the GOP is frantically trying to reach by parading Marco Rubio around.) Also, the fact that Obama is an incumbent president? THAT's what made it difficult to pry him out of the White House. Romney was a "strong candidate," but not quite strong enough to unseat an incumbent, because that NEVER happens. (Except to Jimmy Carter and GHW Bush, but never mind that.) See, the country is changing, says Hannity. And it's changing into a group of people attracted to the "allure of 'free.'"

No, Hannity is not talking about people who get to set up tax-free $100,000,000 IRAs, or create tax-free $100,000,000 gifts to their sons; he's talking about THOSE PEOPLE. Those Latino people who want the government to take care of them. Which makes sense, because who doesn't think socialist commie cradle to grave security when they think of Mexico, which is where a plurality of Hispanic Americans come from? Anyway, it seems to Sean Hannity that this is the problem. A bunch of spics who want free stuff, and voted for Obama. If we weren't filled with immigrants from the "Third World," we would have a white man in the White House.

The other problem is the Obama campaign, which knew no boundaries when it came to "slandering, smearing, besmirching, and attacking" a nice guy (he means Mitt Romney): this will only get worse because Obama has set the bar so low, and this "embarrasses" Sean Hannity, who is so very disappointed in his country and the president.

But it's OK! The GOP will just work towards 2014 and convince those stupid Hispanics that the GOP is good for them.

(And yes, soon your Wonkette will get sick of posting Fox News videos, but for the short term, it is fascinating to watch the Party of Personal Responsibility perfect their Finger-Pointing Blame-Gaming.)

[Fox News]


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