Ann Coulter Zoo-Horse Coverup!

And so the first of the Four Horsemen appearSo the San Francisco Chronicle website posts some dumb thing about a horse at the SF Zoo that shares a name with a beloved political humorist, and we link to it because it mentions funny gal Ann Coulter, and now the zoo wants us to post a correction?

A correction to what? Is this what public-relations people really do all day?

In fact, the zoo's statement is a classic non-denial denial that does nothing to kill speculation that the zoo horse was indeed named for America's sweetheart. All that's been clarified is that the horse was (allegedly) named by its breeder in 2001. And we're supposed to believe Ann Coulter was born from the sea like Athena in 2002? (Oh wait, Venus was born from the sea after it was fertilized with the mutilated testicles of Uranus ... Athena was born from the split-open skull of Zeus. We always mix those up.)

Read the actual letter from the actual San Francisco Zoo regarding a horse named "Coulter," after the jump.

Dear Wonkette,

Regarding Ken Layne's item on 8/23/06, "Commie Libs Finally Gone Too Far," in which he commented on speculation that the San Francisco Zoo supposedly named our American Cream draft horse, Coulter, after conservative political commentar Ann Coulter:

The San Francisco Zoo purchased Coulter from a breeder in Montana in 2001 when he was 2 years old. He already had his name when we obtained him. The speculation about a supposed connection to Ann Coulter was simply the uninformed musings of an blogger who never bothered to check his facts with us.

Further, regarding Layne's question, "What kind of crap zoo displays a common horse?," Coulter is an American Cream draft horse. There are only 250 American Cream draft horses in existence. They are listed as an endangered species by the American Minor Breeds Conservancy. Attached is a fact sheet with, you know, facts.

Coulter, by the way, does live on the Family Farm at the San Francisco Zoo's Children Zoo. He's a gentle creature who loves people. He also loves Timothy hay, high-fiber pellets, apples, and carrots. He's also quite smart.

We're hoping that Wonkette will kindly correct Ken Layne's misinformation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much,

Alexander Winslow
Public Relations Manager
San Francisco Zoo


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