Ann Coulter's America Will Die if Baby Jails Go Away, So That's Something!
Screenshot- Right Wing watch via Fox News

Ann Coulter is not impressed with Donald Trump's presumptuous plan to stop ripping babies away from their mothers and sending them to infant prison. For quite a while, Ann has been obsessively lamenting the very idea that American people even have children to "fill their lives with joy," but now (lol, "now") Ann has shifted her rage to immigrant people. Every time you watch her waving her alien-length arms around in a ritualistic frenzy over how shitty liberals are, just remember that we have already seen the emptiness of her soul laid bare. Remember that time she wanted to eat your baby because you got a tax credit?

Hopefully she doesn't buy a Gingerbread House and move into the woods near you. With the length of her tentacle like arms, she could reach out and snatch your baby before you even noticed her lurking in the shadows.

Today Ann finds herself quite a bit bothered by the fact that Trump cannot handle the heat coming at him for locking crying babies into "abuse camps" inside of his new Trump Resort and Baby Prison facilities. Trump is ready to sign an executive order to stop the policy he started forcing children to be taken from their parents as a punishment for even trying to come here. So poor Ann is obviously feeling some kinda way, and not in the mood for your liberal bullshit crying about babies being psychologically abused. YOU ARE KILLING AMERICA AGAIN, LIBERALS!! STOP LOVING BABIES!!

Awwwwwww!!! Is she crying? I bet she's crying. Ann appears to be the type that probably couldn't work up a single tear for a poor and desperate child (any color, she hates them all), but the idea of not separating brown kids from their parents? Now that's MURDER!!

Did I mention Ann also hates women who can actually find a loving relationship and form human bonds? She does. As Ann was melting down with her latest "GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!" she made sure to paint women as selfish creatures who use tears and emotional abuse to get their way. You know, like Democrats do? Waaaaah!!

Next Ann tries to pretend that there are actually human beings in America that she cares about, as she goes on to publish the list of victims she memorized for when it's time to attack brown people. She rather tends to forget that undocumented immigrants are far less likely than American citizens to commit crimes. Because of course she does!! Evil is as evil does.

Oh, Ann. Nobody believes you actually give the first shit about crime victims. We all know you need more filler for your next unreadable book about how Liberals are the evilest and Conservatives love freedom. We refuse to play your nasty little blame-the-brown-babies-for-what-grown-ups-did game. Maybe you can link up with the Tin-Man and learn how he finally got a heart? Or use the money from your shitty ass books to buy a soul? Really, you need some act right.

Besides, didn't you just tell us that those immigrant babies who were crying on TV were just child actors? You sure did.

The moral of this story is that while Ann Coulter might not actually be an alien from outer space (arm length notwithstanding), she also is undoubtedly inhumane and not a regular person. The bitter and tragic tears that pour from her eyes over Liberals forcing Trump to "Be Best!" are not actually because she gives a shit about anybody in particular. Ann simply hates humans, and if she wasn't busy hating on immigrant babies today, she would be building a Gingerbread House in the woods to lure your American baby into her clutches. Because she eats children. Allegedly.

And with that happy news, this is your OPEN THREAD!

[Washington Post/Politifact]

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