Anonymous Obama Novel About As Boring As Actual Obama Presidency


Oh yeah goddamn there's an anonymous novel coming out, about Barack Obama's fictional (?) 2012 campaign and how worn out and false the whole thing is, etc., and here's the LAST SENTENCE (last two paragraphs?) because you GOTTA KNOW:

He had rejected the script for the recording that would air that night and rewritten it himself. He wanted Americans to know he recognized he had made them a promise he couldn't keep. He couldn't change politics, because it required self-denial; it required a change in himself, in other politicians, in Washington, and in voters that none of the parties were selfless enough to make.


Americans would make their history, and his too, in the bargain. He and the country were theirs to do with as they wished, at the service of those restless, discontented dreamers.

FUCK .... YEAH. [David Weigel]


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