Another Damn Hearing? (Impeachment Day Four Afternoon Livestream!)

We don't think that after that marathon life-changing Gordon Sondland testimony that Adam Schiff will be scheduling two hearings a day ever again, AT LEAST BETTER NOT HE BETTER HAVE LEARNED HIS LESSON, but witnesses are arriving for this afternoon's testimony!

It is Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Laura Cooper and Undersecretary of State David Hale, and they are going to do words and say mean stuff about Donald Trump, probably, or maybe Hale will try to be nice but will ultimately incriminate Trump, like Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison did. Whatever!

Know what we're not doing? Liveblogging this one. Rebecca might pop in if something big happens, but probably not because she is saving her energy for DEBATE. We personally just liveblogged one million Gordon Sondlands and we are liveblogging one million Fiona Hills and David Holmeses in the morning, so now it is time for us to go to gym.

So watch the testimony with us!

LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Cooper & Hale

Also this is your OPEN THREAD, at least until it isn't anymore because DEBATE.

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