Another Day, Another Accused Capitol Rioter Who Can’t Shut Up About His Alleged Crimes

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So, it happened again. Another accused Capitol rioter has self-incriminated himself to jail. Daniel Warmus, of Buffalo, New York, was arrested Tuesday and charged with what GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde might call aggravated tourism or, if you're not a doofus, "knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building, knowingly and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of government business or official functions, and violent entry." Those are crimes, and you don't get to stop at the gift shop on your way out.

A tipster reportedly contacted authorities after hearing Warmus bragging about his misadventures during a dentist's appointment. These people just won't shut up about their attempted coup. It was like they'd each scored four touchdowns in a single game.

The witness heard Warmus he brag that he'd "breached the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021, and smoked a marijuana cigarette while inside the building." If you've watched a lot of "Law & Order," you'll recognize this as a “confession." Warmus was also overheard showing someone video of himself at the Capitol. The witness helped the federal investigators identify Warmus, arguably to the relief of the dental hygienist who'll no longer have to listen to his crap while cleaning his teeth.

Investigators discovered Warmus in amateur film footage of the riots. Warmus is seen wearing a sweatshirt stating "CNN is fake news" and a dark "Trump 2020" hat. He also carried a tree branch with a “Fuck Antifa" flag. Wisconsin's Sen. Ron Johnson and Georgia's Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene might still argue that Warmus was secretly Antifa in disguise, but they're both idiots. You should never listen to them.

At one point, Warmus tells the camera that he runs "an auto shop in Orchard Park, New York." You wonder if the feds thought this was a trap. Could even a proud Trump 2020 voter be that dumb? Turns out the answer is yes.

According to authorities, a Capitol Police officer grabbed Warmus by his backpack but he shook him off, which is resisting arrest and what most conservatives consider a capital offense if the perpetrator's a POC. Strange that the cop didn't just shoot a fleeing Warmus in the back. That's how North Carolina sheriff's deputies killed Andrew Brown, and the DA just ruled that the shooting was justified. No one really treated these thugs like the domestic terrorists they were. You can almost forgive the police during the attack, who were outnumbered and unprepared, but in the months since the attack, conservative media and Republican politicians seem intent on waving away the MAGA mob's actions. It's the post-riot pity party, and everyone's invited who's willing to ignore what happened in front of their own eyes.

Last week, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar defended his fellow seditionists, who were innocent victims of their failed coup.

Outright propaganda and lies are being used to unleash the national security state against law-abiding US citizens, especially Trump voters. The FBI is fishing through homes of veterans and citizens with no criminal records and restricting the liberties of individuals that have never been accused of a crime.

I'd whip out my tiny violin, but I don't think the truly persecuted brag about their misdeeds at the dentist's office.

The so-called “law and order" GOP has made clear that it's pro-law enforcement only when the police are choking out Black people on city streets. White folks can do whatever they want. The GOP's downplaying of the January 6 attack only feeds the arrogance and entitlement of the insurrectionists. It's why Warmus and so many other MAGA idiots brag about storming the Capitol. They feel emboldened. The five or so Republicans who aren't opportunists and traitors might understand this, but the rest are hopeless.

Oh, and WJLA ABC-7 brings us the important news: Authorities didn't find "evidence" supporting Warmus's "claim" that he smoked "marijuana" inside or near the "Capitol," as if they would have found a stubbed-out joint in that mess. Also, possession of marijuana is legal in Washington DC, so if it's not a crime, why would authorities bother looking for evidence of Warmus not committing a crime while he's committing all the other crimes. It was just silly, we are just saying.

[ABC 7]

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