Another Day, Another 'Republican Activist' Caught Sending Racist Anti-Obama Crap


Yep, the Earth is still here and the Internet still exists, so that means yet another Republican Activist has been caught sending terrible racist anti-Obama bullshit to his racist Internet pals. It's funny, that's why! Meet wingnut anti-health-care-reformTea Party idiot Dr. David McKalip ... or, better yet, don't meet him! Just read about him, and shake your head, sadly. McKalip sent around a hee-larious image of Obama's head and face -- with a bone through the nose, of course -- photoshopped atop the body of a dark-skinned tribesman of some kind. Underneath the picture is a very comical "Obama-Care" logo featuring, of course, a hammer and sickle. Click MORE if you need to see it.

Conservative Activist Forwards Racist Pic Showing Obama As Witch Doctor [TPM]


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