Another Day In the Rumor Mill

pam-willeford-rumor.jpgCheney rumor we don't believe:

  • The delay in reporing the incident was to cover up Cheney's affair with Pamela Willeford.

We thought long and hard about this one, and we just can't wrap our minds around the idea of any heterosexual woman fucking Dick Cheney. Hence, Lynne.

Cheney rumor we do believe:

Fox has reported that Cheney had "a beer" with lunch, four or five hours before the incident. Now, you take a look at that guy, you don't think he's a lightweight, that couldn't be enough to make him do something like this. But come on, guys. You know after lunch he switched to bourbon.

Cheney rumor we wish someone would start spreading:

  • Katherine Armstrong's "ranch" is actually a laboratory for a twisted scientist bent on playing God, and his breeding ground for dangerous Human-Animal Hybrids. Cheney mistakenly believed the elderly lawyer was one of those monstrosities when he fired.

"A Beer or Two," and a Gun [The Nation]

Was Cheney Hiding His Lewinsky? [HuffPo via Yahoo]


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