Another Gore Marriage Falls Apart

Karenna Gore, famous daughter of just-separated Al & Tipper Gore, issplitting up with her husband of 13 years. She married Andrew Schiff in 1997 and they have three little kids, whose lives will now be ruined. (Haha you know when parents split up because they're selfish yuppies and they say, "Oh the kids are fine, fine I tell you, nothing is really changing except mommy and daddy hate each now and will live in different houses and start bringing home new weird people to screw," well actually the kids are not fine, because their little lives have been torn apart and, at best, they'll grow up to be just like mommy & daddy.) But who are we to judge, etc.

Anyway, this is why Al & Tipper should at least get a few carbon credits for waiting until their kids were all grownup and able to deal, right, except Karenna obviously didn't deal that well. Oh, America, you sad place of broken hearts and dead dreams. [New York Times via Wonkette Operative "Matt N."]


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