That pixelly guy in the middle, he quit. - WonketteA deputy Attorney General announced he's stepping down today, as Alberto Gonzales continued to sit in his office all day cackling and lighting cigars with letters of resignation.

Paul McNulty, who we think was also Philip Marlowe's incompetent cop friend, is quitting the Justice Department to... wait, we don't really understand his reason at all.

McNulty announced his plans to leave in a letter to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, citing the financial pressures of having children entering their college years, one official said.

He's not making enough as a deputy attorney general? How many goddamn kids does he have? Is he married to Michele Bachmann?

McNulty is one of the guys who actually feels sort of bad about this US attorneys scandal, so expect the DoJ to become even more corrupt in his absence. Alberto Gonzales will personally fire your dad tomorrow under orders from Karl Rove, then they'll break your mailbox with an aluminum bat and t.p. your house.

Breaking: Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty to Resign [ThinkProgress]

Deputy A.G. McNulty Announces Resignation [WP]


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