Another Libertarian? Oh, Come On.

weigelwonkette.jpg If you worried about Wonkette losing its libertarian flair once Reason Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie packed up his guns and hash pipe, worry no more. I'm David Weigel, a mere assistant editor at Reason, and I'll be guest-blogging here all week.

The question arises: Aren't you too good for this, Dave? Probably. My resume in political journalism goes back a whopping four years, to a time when George W. Bush was reasonably popular and Tom Daschle strode the Capitol with a John Holmes swagger. I reported for Campaigns & Elections, trudged through copy at USA Today's editorial page, and managed to sling punditry at both The American Prospect and The American Spectator. Since April I've been Reason's resident political junkie, filing reports on the fun-loving GOP majority, the secret life of libertarian Democrats, the greatness and perfection of Joe Biden, and, of course, the decline and fall of political blogs. (I also got into a hair-pulling brawl with Michelle Malkin, which perhaps explains why I fit in here.) I wouldn't say I "hate" politics, as Nick does. I'd say I treat it with all the seriousness it deserves. (Read: Little.)

Is everybody ready to mock politicians, gossip about the media, and dish out libel like Ben's Chili Bowl dishes out heart-clogging meatstuffs? Terrific. Like the man says, let's roll.

-- David Weigel


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