You good folks will almost certainly be astonished to learn that another Missouri cop has been suspended aftersharing his only slightly racist ideas about what it means to "Protect and Serve" the community. Or maybe just the white community, which is what matters after all. Just about the only upside to this latest incident is that, unlike the charmer we covered yesterday, this second cop, Matthew Pappert, wasn't actually working in Ferguson at all. Instead, he was a whole 15 miles away, in the town of Glendale. Pappert has been an officer with the Glendale Police Department since 2008, and has even received a couple of awards for community service. Here, courtesy of screenshots by the Daily Caller, is some of what he served the community on his Facebook page (now apparently removed):

Hey, but he can't be a racist, because look what he posted after noting that the KKK was also planning to come to Ferguson:

He's really very witty, managing to have contempt toward so many people! We see a bright future for him in racist comedy clubs.

And yes, OF COURSE he was up on the hot new trends of a few days ago, like identifying Missouri State Highway Patrol Cpt. Ron Johnson as a gangsta because of his gangy criminal gangsta gang signs (Kappa Alpha Fraternity is a gang, right?):

But when it comes right down to it, Pappert was just very, very concerned about how all this political correctness run amok will affect good cops like him, who are only trying to do their job:

After all, Officer Pappert is a firearms instructor for the Glendale Police Department, and a member of its Crisis Intervention Team, so it's very important to him that cops be able to intervene in crises in an appropriate manner. Which is not to say that he would shoot protesters like rabid dogs, just that he thinks that all options should remain on the table. Not that anyone should ever eat at that table.

When the Daily Caller contacted Glendale Police Chief Jeff Beaton, he was very surprised about the posts, and said that he was very surprised:

“I’m shocked to be quite honest,” he told TheDC. “I wouldn’t expect any of my officers to make any kind of posts related directly to this incident since it doesn’t involve our agency. Again those are personal posts and they absolutely do not reflect the City of Glendale.”

Pappert was suspended shortly after the posts were brought to Beaton's attention Friday morning, pending the results of an internal investigation, which should take no longer than "a couple weeks," according to Beaton, who said that the investigation would look for other similar conduct by Pappert. "These type of allegations could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination,” said Beaton.

Kudos to Daily Caller for collecting the screenshots, although many commenters on the article seemed flummoxed as to why Tucker Carlson's Home For Race-Baiting would present Pappert's Facebookings as if they were a bad thing:

  • Is the Daily Caller channeling their inner liberal this morning? Jumping on the PC bandwagon?What happened to freedom of speech, or is the right now taking the position that the first amendment only applies to speech they approve of?You may not like what the man said but this is still America and he does have the right to say it.
  • cop is right. If these looter and robbers, they are not protesters were shot dead where they stand in stores and such they might get the message they just can't go around robbing and such just because one of there stupid friends died while robbing a store
  • When are they going to quit calling these scumbags protesters when they are looter and thugs and robbers?
  • Officer Pappert seems a bit overwrought. Could be seeing a community near his burned and looted, and the savages doing it treated as legitimate protesters. Yeah, I could see where he might see get a tad upset over that, being charged with protecting the people in his community and all. Still, posting to social media is maybe not a cool move, career-wise.
  • something about the Kappa Alpha Psi hand sign seems a little suspect in this case, especially coming from a uniformed police officer
  • Didn't see anything i disagreed with.
  • I think he is pretty much right on.
  • Why didn't it make headlines when "I" said it? I don't want all the protesters shot just the ones looting and throwing Molotov cocktail bombs. Peaceful protests are ok and our right. When they act like animals and threaten the safety of the businesses and community I say double tap to the head just as officer Wilson had to do.

And yes, there were several comments saying that Pappert was a disgrace to the badge, but they were definitely in the minority -- and like that final commenter, there were a number of good souls who only wanted the bad negroes shot on sight, but not the good ones, so don't you go saying that the readers of the Daily Caller don't have any appreciation of nuance.

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