Anthony Weiner Dances Badly To Indecipherable Song About Shooting Gays In The Head, Like All Other Dancehall Songs


Here is video of Anthony "Indistinguishable from the margin of error" Weiner dancing badly on a float in Monday's West Indian America Day Parade. It turns out that the song he's dancing badly to is called "Bubo Red," by Capleton, a dancehall ditty which shares with many other examples of the genre* a set of lyrics about shooting gays in the head:

Lick a shot inna a battyman head!

Lick a shot inna a lesbian head!

All sodomite dem fi dead,

All lesbian dem fi dead.

As Gawker notes, "given the utter inscrutability of Capleton's vocals, out lesbian candidate Christine Quinn would probably be dancing to the stuff, too." Without seeing the lyrics written out, we, too would also make vaguely rhythmic white-man movements to that song.

On the other hand, it pretty much would have to be Fuckin' Anthony Weiner who gets filmed actually doing it.

* This is not something Yr Doktor Zoom knew already. Thanks to Wonkette musicologist and HappyNiceTimePeople Editor Snipy for the information. Clearly, given the subject matter, this "Dancehall" genre may be a misnomer.

[Complex via Gawker / YouTube]

Doktor Zoom

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