Anthony Weiner Still Likes To Yell On The House Floor and Now Also At Pete King


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Here is New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner on the House floor, yelling and pointing. Haha, he cares about his country and likes calling Republicans on their bullshit sometimes. Yeah, that is probably not going to work, but it is entertaining! The bill in question would have provided $7.4 billion in heath care benefits to 9/11 recovery workers, but it failed. Republicans said they voted against it because of "procedure," according to Weiner's tirade, and we always listen to people who are yelling, so let's assume that is the whole story there. Later, Weiner was on Fox News and yelled at Rep. Peter King through the camera, even though King was standing behind him.

[youtube expand=1]

"Cracker jack!" "Ooooooooooooh" SO MANY BURNS!

Silly Weiner. Republicans are not "hurt" by hearing the truth. It just gives them an opportunity to sink deeper their ideological beliefs by denying the truth. You are helping them by yelling things at them.

But it is certainly enjoyable to see cable news guests in the same frame! They should do this more often. News shows should round up all the pundits and politicians they will have on in a given show and put them in a small pen, so that they are all wriggling on top of one another, shouting. Sort of like Marc Morrone's shows, but better. [TPM]


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