Anti-Business Obama Puts Another CEO In Charge of America

Anti-Business Obama Puts Another CEO In Charge of America
  • In a desperate bid to prove he worships Wall Street enough to be allowed to remain president, Barack Obama has appointed General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to the new White House group that will decide if CEOs are being treated well enough. (Obama is also shutting down the economic recovery panel led by Paul Volcker.) It's the latest move for a president who is extremely worried that some liberal on the Internet or all the voters who supported him in 2008 might think he's some kind of commie softy who doesn't know his place, which is to serve the nation's biggest corporations with no questions asked. Obama went to the important "net roots" blog The Wall Street Journal earlier this week to assure his masters that the White House would aggressively target environmental laws and other potential problems for the American mega-businesses still doing some operations in America. And earlier this month, Obama picked a new White House chief of staff that better reflects his desire to be a better servant to Wall Street: JPMorgan Chase executive William Daley. [Politico/Wall Street Journal/Fair Warning]

  • Speaking of our new White House chief of staff, Bill Daley, he doesn't have to pay taxes on his sale of $8.3 million in JPMorgan Chase shares. This is because of "government ethics rules." [Bloomberg]
  • Meanwhile, legal arrangements are being made in the White House and in Congress so that all the bankrupt states can officially go bankrupt and screw both their creditors and their retired public workers. [New York Times]

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