Anti-Limey Hysteria Reaching Fever Pitch

Deepwater Horizon was built to resemble the White House, out of spite

If beloved departing Wonkette editor Jim Newell can be said to have made one enduring contribution to the American collective political consciousness, it's the way he made hatred of the British "fun" again. Before he came onto the scene, nobody was using the slur "lobsterback," and now kids all over the country taunt their more effete/orthodontically challenged classmates with it constantly. He has done this, of course, because he is a LaRouchite plant, but you'll have to admit this new wave of Britanno-hate is peaking at a strangely appropriate moment, what with a vast multinational corporation that used to have the word "British" in its name despoiling our ocean and all. After the jump, photographic evidence that The War of 1812 II: The War of 2010 is right around the corner.

Here is a picture from a New Orleans protest in which a dude with a mullet stands on the Union Jack, the only thing your average Briton loves more than getting drunk and stabbing people. We appreciate the way that he's just casually resting his feet on it as he presumably listens to a speaker describing Queen Elizabeth's crimes against humanity in detail; it shows much more contempt than if he were grinding his heels into it or burning it or something. When do you think the last act of British flag desecration occurred in the U.S.? The Monroe Administration?

We guarantee that every sober Brit (roughly 20 percent of the population -- 15 percent in Scotland and Wales) is looking at this picture and seething. When your flag is stepped on at a protest that white people with dreadlocks attend, that means war, my friends.

Photo courtesy Flickr user infrogmation; hat tip to our close personal friends at the Awl.


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